Installation and adjustment of low noise bearing

Installation and adjustment of the low noise bearings can also follow the example of long-life bearing grouping method, makes tie had Ying with the same size, the clearance of the bearings is more consistent, and with the hope that the interference in may range from small values, in order to ensure the bearing raceway small deformation and rolling body by caused by noise.

The relationship between clearance of noise, ideal state is when the bearing is in the maximum temperature of operation state, exactly zero clearance values. Judge the clearance is too large methods: static state the shaft axial displacement, the reciprocating range is big, in the running a large and low noise.

If you hate the shrill whistle issued operation, bearing preload is too large, bearing a larger pre interference should be slightly relaxed level of pretension. If the clearance is too large, you can make the two bearing ring along the axial direction slightly relative deviation: reduces both clearance and increases the axial rigidity, can reduce the noise of the bearing.

The rolling body in no load zone will spin or left and right shifting, this would increase the noise can also cause wear, and small clearance and high axial stiffness can eliminate this phenomenon. But the clearance is not too small, so as to avoid high temperature and shorten the life of.

Sometimes due to host the operating temperature range, or shaft and a hole on the discrete size is too big, not a setting is more appropriate clearance, in this case, the bearing outer ring with elastic Preload Method.

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