Six law properly installed bearings

Bearing very wide range, as long as the rotation of the machine need to use imported bearings, but how many people know that it is installed on the bearing? Before installing the need to do to prepare? Here to explain what needs to prepare before bearing installation work to do: On the mounting surface of the shaft and housing bore if bumps, burrs, rust or solid particles (such as debris, sand, clay), etc. exist, not only will the bearing installation difficulties and the installation location is not correct, and solid particles such as falls will be within the bearing abrasive, when rotation of the bearing would rubs or scratches the surface of the bearing of work, it must be carefully checked before installation, if there is the defect, should be amended. For example, using oil to remove burrs filing, raised bump marks, rust, and polish with fine emery cloth, and if the cleaning of solid particles, dirt, etc. Note that with sealed bearings unavailable Law cleaning, sealing the interior should remain as non-cleaning. Mounting surface should be cleaned with a clean, gasoline, kerosene, toluene or xylene, a solution of clean, and dry with a clean cloth, and then coated with a thin layer of oil, it will give the operation more convenient installation. Before the bearing installation, according to technical requirements of the provisions on design drawings should be appropriate measurement tools, check the shaft and housing bore and machining quality-related parts (such as dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and surface roughness, etc.). Cleaning a large number of imported bearings, the first with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 ℃ hot oil leaching hot oil so that the package to melt, but with no front mouth and not drop crumbs tools to dig the net all the old oil, then pour hot a few minutes, then with kerosene Flush to oil, petrol and then finally clean again. After washing clean, you should wear gloves film bearing on a clean cloth or paper on the table to dry. Open bearing temporary installation package, it will be immersed in the liquid in the gasoline to hand gently rotated to ensure cage, rolling element and raceway surface of the package to be cleaned thoroughly clean oil. These are the pre-installation information about imported bearings preparatory work needs to be done, we hope to help everyone looked after, bearing installation is a skill, if the installation is not good, then the bearing can not play its biggest role, Debu to take full advantage, so we should be ready before the installation work bearing before installation.

Techniques and methods to reduce the noise of high-speed ope

Under high speed operating environment, bearing prone to a greater degree of noise, reduce noise impact safe operation and so on for bearings produced. The actual use of the bearing, the need for enterprises through regular care and maintenance of way, to achieve better operating results, and other factors to reduce the environmental impact of the bearings, and even lead to bearing failure fault running. When running at high speed, even a high-quality high-quality bearing products, it will also produce different degrees of noise problems. Different applications require the bearing to adapt. The noise problem, there is often a necessary link with the operating efficiency. Due to internal or external friction, such as failure occurs, prompting bearing noise problems emerge. As long as the presence of noise bearing failure, companies must be promptly and effectively ruled out, so as not to suffer more serious effects. Reduce speed operation bearing noise method Bearing high-speed run, if there is all kinds of glitches, it is inevitable increase in noise problems. Noise bearing produced not only affect the environment if quiet, while affecting the efficiency of the bearing. Under the premise of excessive bearing wear, it is difficult to achieve better operating results. I even affect the operational stability of the bearing. Enterprises to reduce noise for bearing hazards, must be within the specified maintenance time for bearing a full range of care and maintenance, so as to improve the safe operation of the bearing results. Any bearing when the high-speed run, if there is a slight fault, will affect the operation of the bearing. Enterprises rely on good lubrication guarantee the stable operation of the bearing, bearing low noise problem to a great extent, and to maintain security and stability in the long-running bearing.

Bearing characteristics - high temperature and high speed

Any style of bearing products requires the use of high-temperature viscosity of lubricating synthetic products, and add a variety of additives bearing retainer to ensure the normal operation of a long-term high-temperature environment in the process. As a major part of industrial machinery, bearing the normal use of the product to meet the different environments, in the case of high temperature and high speed bearings able to provide a good operating environment. The first category: the performance characteristics of the bearing It can provide different range of applications for industrial machinery based on different bearing products, bearing products organizational structure and smooth delicate fibers. At the same time any bearing products with high cleanliness in the bearings during operation can be suppressed presence of various noise, to meet DN value in 10-600000 bearing long-term demand for more high-speed run. For high-quality bearing products must have high temperature performance and good lubricity and colloidal stability and mechanical safety-related data in line with state regulations. The second category: Bearings have the characteristics required First bearing product needs with superior water resistance, can withstand any water rinse. At the same time the ability to antioxidant capacity and anti-friction bearing material according to the different needs of bearing products to maintain good hardness at a wide temperature range. Therefore, in a high temperature environment it is recommended to use precision bearings, miniature bearings, motor bearings and other products. For the analysis of the product bearing the above features and performance characteristics that we fully understand the high-speed and high temperature as the main characteristics of the bearing, high-quality lubricants to meet the needs of these characteristic conditions. Various types of high-speed and high temperature environment of bearing products can be used effectively to help the bearing lubricant moisture function in a stable operation.

Cylindrical bearing performance and service life stability

In the actual application process, there are many domestic environment requires high-quality bearing products to be able to meet the daily operation. To protect the quality of the overall operation of the bearing, you must use a different type of bearing products in different range. A cylindrical type of bearing products due to lower overall production costs, and have a stable operating performance, highly recognized by many companies. Wide range of cylindrical bearings In the actual application process, domestic cylindrical bearings can be used in a range more widely. Many road construction system have with cylindrical bearings to obtain a more stable development. Such as the traditional train track in the construction process, with the help of many high-quality cylindrical bearings, and can provide a more secure operation of the train. Routine maintenance, due to higher overall cylindrical type of product stability, and have long service life, and therefore maintenance is simple, and can meet the needs of different environments. Competitive Advantage Cylindrical type of bearing products with higher load carrying capacity, in actual use, high-quality cylindrical bearings can bear higher loads. Excellent operating performance are excellent properties and there is no necessary link itself with only routine maintenance and continuous improvement of maintenance, to be able to maintain operational security cylindrical bearing. Cylindrical bearings range more widely used in the country, a lot of enterprises are mainly a product type used. In the actual application process, to provide the necessary basic support to enterprises to improve the overall operational efficiency, thereby to prolong the effect of a cylindrical bearing life. Combined with the specific use of the environment, the use of cylindrical bearings must strengthen routine maintenance and management to ensure the efficient operation of the bearing in the state, reducing bearing failure.

Ensure bearing low failure rate run What do I need

Any bearing at high speed running of the state, are prone to different types of faults. Since bearing failure to maintain the bearing running stabilizing influence is very large, and even lead to bearing not in a high-efficiency operation. To reduce the risk of business use of the bearing, the actual use of the bearing, the need for appropriate preparations well in advance to be able to ensure that enterprises in the long-term use bearing the low failure rate ranges. Reducing bearing operating fault safeguards. To keep the bearing in a high-efficiency operation state, the actual operation of the bearing before, the need for a detailed analysis of a company's specific operating environment, especially for the harsh environment adaptability. Unable to adapt to the environment in bearing long-term use is very dangerous, businesses need to combine specific environment for bearings provide safe operating environment, to avoid the kinds of small failures that affect bearing long-term stable operation. Specific measures 1, to maintain a good operating environment bearing Different environmental impact of different bearing, bearing able to provide a good environment, to reduce the probability of bearing failure. Use a bearing in the non-running status, higher business efficiency equipment. 2, to avoid bearing high load operation Enterprises want to reduce production costs, often in the choice of bearing, when after a high price for bearing, not for bearing any routine maintenance and maintenance. Prompting bearing long-term high-load running, and in the long-term high-load operating environment, seriously affecting bearing life. Through the development plan for the use bearings that can perfectly solve such problems. Failure rate "lower" For businesses, the better. Through a large number of professional and technical approach, bearing failure rate will be reduced to the lowest level, even if the long-running bearing, the same can escape the impact of various types of failure for businesses.

A comprehensive understanding of the bearing knowledge effec

The actual use of various types of bearing products in the process, influenced by the environment, among other factors, resulting in many domestic bearing user in everyday use bearing course, there will be varying degrees of failure problems, in order to reduce holdover bearings in a stable operating performance and master the basics of various types of bearings and maintenance, to improve work efficiency and extend bearing service life of bearings play a crucial role. Learn the basics of bearing bearing failure rate reduction Use a bearing in the process, each user needs are threatened by various types of failure, the only difference is that there is a time difference larger failure, if the user is able to conduct a comprehensive bearing for care and maintenance, and for the user various types of failure in terms of effectively reducing the probability of large, lay a solid foundation for winning consumer and market acceptance, improve overall operational safety, to extend bearing service life. Outstanding quality to high-quality bearing practicality Features To meet the needs of different use of the environment, the domestic production of various types of bearing products based on quality and practicality, it is possible in a more efficient design and production help, and constantly improve the overall operation of the bearing effect, to meet all the needs of users of the purpose for smooth work to improve the overall efficiency and extend bearing service life to provide protection, so as to reduce the use of various types of bearing the expenses, provide basic support to the successful completion of all maintenance tasks. High-quality bearing products, also requires the user to be able to master all kinds of basic knowledge in a more secure way to complete a full use of the process, so as to improve the overall operational safety effect, to lay a solid foundation for their overall expenditure savings.

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